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The Vienna Book Launch
15.September 2005

Brigitte, the Author having a chat with Herbert
(the small boy from the movie)

Of course, the launch was
guarded by international police

Barbara, playing the famous
Harry Lime theme

John Macgregor, the British Embassador in Vienna

Cultural Councillor
of Vienna
Andreas Mailath-Pokorny

Gerhard Strassgschwandtner ,
Director of the 3mpc -
T he
Third Man Museum

Brigitte having a chat with Mrs. Gürtler, owner of the famous Sacher Hotel

Frank Hoffman, actor at the
National Theatre reading a chapter
of the German book

A intently looking audience

Editor Dermont Gilvary
reading from the

.. Director of the British Council
in Vienna

Gerhard and Brigitte s licing a special Third Man Sacher Torte