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Birth of a Film Classic
“London? Paris? What about Vienna?”
The Head of the Trail
“Mr. Greene is to write an original post-war continental story…”
Graham Greene in Vienna
“Definitely with a bottle of whisky.” - The Making of a Screenplay
“THE THIRD MAN was never written to be read but only to be seen.” -
From Novel to Screenplay
A British-American Tug of- War -
British Cinema Versus Hollywood
“Who the hell is going to see a movie called THE THIRD MAN?” -
David O. Selznick
“A Stroke of Genius” -
British Cinema Triumphant at Last
Harry Lime’s Post-War Vienna -
The History behind the Story
“Constantinople suited me better.” -
A City in Ruins
“I thought the liberation would be quite different!”
- Vienna, an Occupied City
“Everyone ought to be careful in a city like this!” -
Crime and the Black Market
“Men with gangrened legs, women in childbirth.”
- The Wonder Drug Penicillin
“What kind of a spy do you think you are?”
- Vienna, a Den of Spies
Vienna Between Fact and Fiction -
“Greeneland” on the Danube
“Vienna is just the backdrop to a fairy tale.”
- A Time Capsule Nevertheless
“So much of it is breathtakingly real.”
- The Perfect Illusion
“Where has all the operetta music gone?”
- Vienna is not Amused
Between Vienna and Shepperton -
The Making of THE THIRD MAN
“Just ask Karl. He’ll sort everything out.”
- On Location in Vienna
A City of Cardboard, Papier-Maché and Paint.
- Shepperton
Worthy of an Oscar -
Carol Reed and His Team of Excellence
“He eats, drinks and sleeps cinema. Carol Reed is cinema.” -
The Director and his Masterpiece
“…and the Oscar goes”
- Reed’s Production Crew
The Star Cast
“Nobody thinks in terms of human beings.” -
Orson Welles
“You still believe in God, don’t you?” -
Joseph Cotten
“The Russians would claim me. I come from Czechoslovakia.” -
Alida Valli
“We should have dug deeper than a grave.” -
Trevor Howard
“I’d like to see Texas before I die, sir.” -
Bernard Lee
“I represent the C.R.S. of G.H.Q.” -
Wilfrid Hyde-White
“Lovingly chosen and brilliantly staged.” -
The Austrian Cameo Cast
“There was a third man. He didn’t give evidence.”
- Paul Hörbiger
“I thought the liberation would be very different.”
- Hedwig Bleibtreu
“It’s wonderful how you keep the tension.”
- Ernst Deutsch
“Humanity’s a duty.”
- Siegfried Breuer
“I cannot give an opinion.”
- Erich Ponto
“Papa, it was him! He was the murderer!” - Herbert Halbik
“Tell Carol to get himself another musician.”
- Anton Karas
“She pays no attention, walking right past him and on into the distance.”
- A Perfect Ending