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The Third Man's Vienna Celebrating a Film Classic

THE THIRD MAN is one of the great films of all time. Equally, it is the quintessential Vienna film. 10 chapters and hundreds of film - and production stills - most of them never published before - as well as maps of locations and historic photographs accompany you through the Vienna of THE THIRD MAN, a Vienna which you have never seen like this before.

Publisher/ Author:Brigitte Timmermann
Translation:Penny Black / Brigitte Timmermann
Editor:Dermot Gilvary
Graphic Design:Guntram Münster
Specification:310x250mm, Paperback, 420 pages, 620 B/W photographs
ISBN: 3-9502050-1-2
Price: EUR 49,-
  1st Edition

The Third Man's Vienna is the quintessential book on Carol Reed's 1948 cult movie. It features a lively description of the making of the movie both on location in Vienna and in the London Shepperton Studios and highlights the problems of shooting in a bombed - out and Allied-occupied city.