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When Korda sent Greene to Vienna to research the city's potential for a suspense-packed story, Vienna was far removed from its popular image of music and good life. It was marred by ghastly ruins, governed by the four victorious powers and policed by an international patrol. It had become a playground of Cold War politics and notorious hub of international espionage. People were destitute and the black market was thriving. The city was packed with refugees many of whom were from Eastern Europe trying, like Anna in the film, to obtain false papers to avoid repatriation by the Soviets. Indeed a perfect backdrop for a tense mystery thriller story!

But Graham Greene wanted more than just cheap entertainment about a man setting out to clear his dead friend's name and himself becoming involved in the city's criminal underworld. Using Vienna as a metapher of a world that had physically and morally fallen into pieces, he made it into a pessimistic story of social, political and moral corruption. It is not only about crime - the ruthless trafficking in penicillin - but also of redemption, not only of friendship but also its betrayal. At the same time he allowed THE THIRD MAN to become a most authentic documentary of Vienna , a microcosm of Cold War politics, which most accurately captures the tension, mistrust and fear so characteristic of post-war Europe . Fact and fiction beautifully amalgamated, with character relationships becoming symbolic of national political relationships.


"...excuse me?"
"Ja, bitte?"
"Did you know Mr Lime well?"


Café Mozart
Only the name of the lovely Café Mozart on Albertina Platz was borrowed. It was shot on the Square called Neuer Markt.

"..So, you were a friend Harry?"

"Even his best, except you of course... "


One sequence, two Locations: the Mölkerbastei, a remaining part of the old city fortification, and the church 'Maria am Gestade' on Passauerplatz, also in the first district.

"...what kind of a spy do you think you are, satchlefoot "


Platz Am Hof
Though you will never find the kiosk on this square ... It was only a film prop. The real one is on Lothringerstrasse.

"I followed his shadow....."
"...suddenly he disapeared like a puff of smoke..."

" it was not the german Gin, Paine...."


Café Marc Aurel
Holly helps the police to catch the racketeer.

You can not find The Café on Hoher Markt, but a paper shop that was quickly adapted for the film...


... and the shadow .... you need to go to Michaelerplatz to find this wall.



The Sewers
Although the sewer system offers 8.000 km, it was filmed in an underground river tunnel, known as the Vienna River Tunnel.
"The sewage of Vienna. And all this goes into the lovely blue danube. Smells sweet doesn't it ...?"

"We have to dig deeper than a grave ..."